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Ardent Earth

Upcycled Bandana Bento Bag

Upcycled Bandana Bento Bag

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upcycled materials
recycled packaging
made in Ontario

Reusable, cool, and limited edition, these trendy and functional bento-style bags are made from upcycled deadstock bandanas. 100% cotton, washable, and the perfect size to use as a produce bag, lunch bag, or gift bag.

Deadstock is leftover material or product from another company's production run that might otherwise end up in landfill. Instead of using newly manufactured fabrics, we prefer to use manufacturing "waste" that may be too small a quantity for larger companies to use.

Care instructions: Machine wash and hang dry.

Materials / Ingredients

100% cotton bandanas


- Size: approx. 33 x 36cm

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