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Organic Vegan Food Wraps (3 variety pack)
Organic Vegan Food Wraps (3 variety pack)
Earthology vegan food wraps variety pack 3
Earthology vegan food wraps as bowl covers
Earthology vegan food wraps fabrics
Earthology vegan food wraps lifestyle photo

Organic Vegan Food Wraps (3 variety pack)

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GOTS certified organic
compostable / biodegradable
recyclable packaging
made in Canada

A beautifully made Vegan food wrap set that will replace the need for plastic wrap. Made with organic cotton, and plant based vegan waxes. 1 small wrap, 1 medium wrap, and one large.

At Earthology, all of our wraps are made using only 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and coniferous tree resin. Our vegan wraps use eco plant based waxes.

Fabric patterns may vary. 


  • Materials: organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, coniferous tree resin, proprietary plant wax blend
  • Sizes: Small - 7" x 7", Medium - 10" x 10", Large - 13" x 13"
  • Package: 3 wraps (1 sm, 1 md, 1 lg)