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Rockwell Razors

Razor Stand

Razor Stand

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The Rockwell Razors Stand is an elegant display for your Rockwell Model 6C, or 2C razors. Made with chromed brass, it matches the corresponding razor in white chrome or gunmetal. Strong and rustic, the Rockwell razors stand is perfect for holding your shaving essentials.

  • A great solution for elegant storage of your Rockwell 2C or 6C Double-Edge Safety Razor
  • Compared to other large-footprint razor stands, the Rockwell Stand helps save counter space.

    Materials / Ingredients

    premium chromed brass


    - size: 210g weight, with a hole diameter of 0.525 inches (1.34 cm) and a depth of 1 inch (2.5 cm)
    - please note: This stand is not made to fit the Rockwell R1 (Rookie) Razor.

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