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  • Caring For Your Wax Food Wraps

    Wax food wraps are an impressive invention and a great reusable alternative to plastic wrap, but they need some extra TLC in order to be used properly. Here is our quick guide for using, washing, reviving and disposing of your vegan or beeswax food wraps.
  • Becoming A Compost Champion

    We’ve all been there: Hesitating in front of the kitchen trash, rubbish in hand, unsure if what we’re holding belongs in the garbage, recycling, or green bin. With Composting Day approaching May 29th, how can we ensure we’re doing our best to minimize our environmental impact by becoming compost champions?
  • How to throw a zero-waste Earth Day party

    Do you want to throw a zero-waste party for Earth Day but you're not sure how? I’m here to show you how you can easily throw a low waste party with reusables, some DIY, and the circular economy.

  • DIY Non-Toxic, Low Waste, All-Purpose Cleaner

    Is the health of your family impacted by the health of your household cleaners? As someone with multiple chemical sensitivity and atopic dermatitis, I find that most readily available cleaners trigger asthma, migraine, and skin reactions... In this blog post, we’ll show you you how to make a non-toxic, low waste, all-purpose cleaner that couldn’t be easier.

  • Greenwashing 101

    Greenwashing is a deceiving practice to spin companies and products as "green" and eco-friendly, more than they actually are in reality. It's considered a misleading marketing tactic that works by appealing to customers who want to be more environmentally-sound.

  • Quick Low Waste Tips: packed lunch edition

    Have you fallen out of the habit of packing your school or work lunch? Do you currently pack your lunch and want some quick low waste tips and easy sustainable swaps? Has your kid's school requested "litter-less lunches"? Read on for our low waste solutions.

  • Reusable Lint Brush Round Up

    Let's talk about lint! As someone with two mostly white cats and a largely black wardrobe, I've been on the hunt for a great lint brush for years! I used to use those sticky disposable roller sheets. They worked great, but the waste was too much, I just couldn't throw out another sticky sheet. There has to be a good reusable option out there, right?!

  • Quick Low Waste Tips II

    "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

    It's easy to reduce waste at home with these quick and practical ideas! 

  • How to Eat Your Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

    I love Halloween. One of my favourite Halloween activities has always been carving pumpkins... and then eating them! That's right, both the seeds and flesh of your Jack-o-Lantern are edible .

  • Quick Low Waste Tips

    It's easy to reduce waste at home with our quick and practical tips!
  • Making 200 Masks: love in a time of COVID-19

    At this point, I've made over 200 non-surgical cotton face masks...

    That's 13 metres of cotton fabric, 17 metres of nose wire, 45 metres of elastic, 108 metres of fabric ties, and about 66 hours. This has been a labour of love.

  • Make Do and Mend: Japanese sashiko visible mending technique

    Visible mending has regained popularity lately, especially with the zero waste crowd. It makes sense considering that the fashion and textile industries tend to create a lot of waste, it's best to try and get the most wear from our clothes. Today I'd like to share my experience trying the Japanese shashiko technique on a favourite pair of jeans.