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  • Quick Low Waste Tips: packed lunch edition

    Have you fallen out of the habit of packing your school or work lunch? Do you currently pack your lunch and want some quick low waste tips and easy sustainable swaps? Has your kid's school requested "litter-less lunches"? Read on for our low waste solutions.

  • Reusable Lint Brush Round Up

    Let's talk about lint! As someone with two mostly white cats and a largely black wardrobe, I've been on the hunt for a great lint brush for years! I used to use those sticky disposable roller sheets. They worked great, but the waste was too much, I just couldn't throw out another sticky sheet. There has to be a good reusable option out there, right?!

  • Quick Low Waste Tips II

    "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

    It's easy to reduce waste at home with these quick and practical ideas! 

  • Don't Waste Your Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

    I love Halloween. One of my favourite Halloween activities has always been carving pumpkins... and then eating them! That's right, both the seeds and flesh of your Jack-o-Lantern are edible .

  • Quick Low Waste Tips

    It's easy to reduce waste at home with our quick and practical tips!
  • Making 200 Masks: love in a time of COVID-19

    At this point, I've made over 200 non-surgical cotton face masks...

    That's 13 metres of cotton fabric, 17 metres of nose wire, 45 metres of elastic, 108 metres of fabric ties, and about 66 hours. This has been a labour of love.

  • Make Do and Mend: Japanese sashiko visible mending technique

    Visible mending has regained popularity lately, especially with the zero waste crowd. It makes sense considering that the fashion and textile industries tend to create a lot of waste, it's best to try and get the most wear from our clothes. Today I'd like to share my experience trying the Japanese shashiko technique on a favourite pair of jeans.

  • Low Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Are you looking for ways to reduce your waste this holiday season? One area that typically produces a LOT of waste is gift wrapping. Pretty packaging that's used once and then tossed is not your only option! Here are our tips and ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle your way to beautifully wrapped gifts.

  • Ditch This, Use That : Top swaps for Plastic-free July

    Plastic is hiding everywhere in our day-to-day lives. If you've been participating in plastic-free July, it's likely that you've noticed this even more lately. Try not to get discouraged! Here are our top simple swaps for plastic-free everyday items to help you with this challenge, and to cultivate your sustainable lifestyle.

  • How to Make Veggie Broth from Scraps

    Sometimes an idea is so good, you just have to share it! Have you ever made vegetable broth from your veggie scraps? Not only does this reduce foo...
  • Natural Deodorant Round Up

    *these findings are based on my personal experience and opinion only.* I don’t know about you, but it has taken me YEARS of trial and error to fin...
  • DIY kitchen wipes

    Are you guilty of relying on packaged, disposable kitchen wet wipes? Well, today I've got the perfect DIY solution! Five minutes is all it takes for a greener alternative that's just as convenient.

    Using natural castille soap and pure (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral) tea tree essential oil, these DIY kitchen wipes are easy, effective and safe for all members of your household.