Quick Low Waste Tips

Quick low waste tips

It's easy to reduce waste at home with these quick and practical tips!

1. banana fertilizer

Banana peels make great plant fertilizer! I love learning new ways to use my food 'scraps'. Bananas are rich in minerals like potassium, phosphorus, and calcium to make your plants and soil happy.

How to make banana water for plants:

  1. Soak a fresh banana peel in water for a few days, or up to a week.
  2. Then use the water with the leached nutrients in it to water your plants.
banana fertilizer

bamboo toothbrush garden marker

2. garden markers

Bamboo toothbrushes are already a great low waste alternative to plastic. To reduce waste even more, hang on to your used handles and use them to label plants in your garden!

Simply remove all of the bristles with pliers and write on the handle with permanent marker. Easy!

3. gift wrapping

Use a bandana, scarf or tea towel to wrap gifts. The Japanese method of furoshiki fabric gift wrapping has gained popularity in the West in recent years, and it's easy to see why! The result is beautiful and the fabric squares can be reused year after year.

The simplest way to wrap a gift with fabric

  1. Select a scarf or piece of fabric larger than what you would need for wrapping paper. Place your gift in the centre, diagonally.
  2. Take opposite corners and tie in a knot on top. Repeat with remaining corners
furoshiki gift wrapping

nut milk bag

4. nut milk and cheeze-making

Do you make your own nut milk or nut cheeze? Have you been using disposable cheesecloth? Why not try a reusable cotton bag instead?

Use, wash, reuse, repeat!

Ardent Earth Quick Low Waste Tips

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