Quick Low Waste Tips II

Quick low waste tips

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."
It's easy to reduce waste at home with these quick and practical tips!

1. tissue box drawer divider

Try this low waste solution to tidy up your drawers!

  1. Gather an empty tissue box, a pair of scissors, and some masking tape.
  2. Carefully remove the plastic 'window' of the tissue box and discard.
  3. Cut the top of the box diagonally towards each corner.
  4. Tape the resulting flaps down on the inside of the box.
  5. Fill with whatever you like and place back in your drawer.
tissue box drawer divider

repair before replace

2. repair before you replace

Has something broken? Before buying a replacement, consider whether it is something that can be repaired instead! All this shattered spoon rest needed was a little Krazy glue to be useable again.

3. reduce food waste

How to not waste the last bit of mustard (or whatever) in the bottle.

  1. Find a sauce or dressing recipe that uses dijon mustard (or whatever). Or wing it!
  2. Add all ingredients to the bottle using a funnel.
  3. Shake it up
  4. Pour it out
reduce food waste

old scrub brush

4. use it to death

Save your old, beat up scrub brushes to use on the dirtiest jobs (like outside) before discarding.

When it's time to finally replace, consider a plastic-free scrub brush, made from pine wood and agave bristles.

Ardent Earth Quick Low Waste Tips

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